Block Green raises $3.7M in seed funding to drive Bitcoin’s green revolution

Bastian Becker and Sebastien Hess

What is Block Green? 🌱

Block Green is developing a decentralized capital market protocol centered around Bitcoin. The protocol will give sustainable Bitcoin mining operations access to fair and transparent financing on-chain. Miners will use their future Bitcoin production as collateral by borrowing against their existing hash power. On the other end of the protocol, Bitcoin holders will be able to lend their assets and receive a share of the Bitcoin rewards produced. Block Green aims at unlocking DeFi liquidity for miners with sustainability in mind and supporting cross-chain financing mechanisms. In a later stage, Block Green will expand to additional industries producing recurring revenue, starting with energy.

Bitcoin at its Core ⛓

At Block Green we are developing an ecosystem around Bitcoin for its stakeholders. Our aim is to bridge the gap between infrastructure and liquidity. On the one hand, highly CAPEX-intensive mining infrastructure projects are incentivized by Bitcoin rewards. Meanwhile, Bitcoin liquidity providers struggle to find opportunities with a good risk-to-reward ratio. Our protocol allows Liquidity Providers to directly fund and receive returns from top-tier mining operators denominated in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Institutions ⛰️

Liquidity Providers are the participants providing Bitcoin collateral and liquidity to the Block Green capital pool. These stakeholders are large Bitcoin holders and crypto institutions looking for a return on their, often passive, funds.

Funding the Trailblazers 🔭

Even the most sophisticated mining operators don’t have access to the range of financial products usually available to profitable growth companies. Bitcoin and ASICs (the hardware used by Bitcoin miners to secure the bitcoin network) are volatile when priced in USD, which drives poor terms for USD-denominated financial instruments. As we have been observing during the recent downturn, using Bitcoin and ASICs as collateral for USD-denominated loans exposes both parties to high risks and is suboptimal.

Bitcoin Mining as a Key Enabler for the Transition to Renewables 🔋

In recent years there has been a heated public discussion around Bitcoin’s high energy consumption, with the popular comparison to the energy demands of smaller countries like the Netherlands or Finland.


Incentivize sustainability through financing 🥕

Unfortunately, there are currently several hurdles to realizing such symbiotic relationships between Bitcoin miners and local energy industries.

Backed by top-tier investors 🔗

For Block Green’s seed round, we already managed to secure an extensive list of high-profile investors in the DeFi ecosystem. It is important, especially in the early stages, to not only attract capital but also find partners that can support making the right decisions and build an ecosystem of like-minded stakeholders.

Who are we? 🏃‍♀️ 🏃 🏃‍♂️

Block Green’s founding team has extensive experience in fintech and crypto. Sebastien Hess, CEO, is a serial entrepreneur within fintech and Web3. Bastian Becker, COO, came from a Director position at Mastercard focusing on blockchain infrastructure and strategy. The team now consists of 7 people, with an engineering team that brings years of industry experience.

What’s next 🔭

We’re working hard to develop the protocol, grow the team, and build a community of supporters who want to be a part of the journey. We are continuing our work to establish partnerships with sustainable miners around the world, with a focus on the US and Canada. We’re working closely with all parties to develop a product which is wonderful for our users.

Join us! 🌱

Join us on our mission to make the blockchain more sustainable. We are looking for our founding team members who have a drive to make critical decisions and help us shape Block Green.


Sebastien Hess, CEO Co-Founder



Bitcoin Liquidity Protocol Creating a Marketplace for Hashrate

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Block Green

Bitcoin Liquidity Protocol Creating a Marketplace for Hashrate